Valli S.p.A is the company of the HPA group that operates in the environmental sector, and mainly deals with contaminated sites, geognostic surveys and special waste recovery and disposal.

Valli S.p.A. successfully solves the problems related to the environment, and in particular remediation of contaminated sites, storage of wastes, recovery of non-hazardous wastes, selection and sorting of hazardous waste, operation of biological mud treatment facilities, rehabilitation of industrial polluted sites etc..

The activities are carried out thanks to two treatment of non-hazardous waste in Lonato del Garda (BS), at which could be disposal about 563.750 tons of waste.

Valli S.p.A, through his commercial network and logistic office, operating as only intermediary of waste for the Geoter planting, with a potential of waste treatment estimated at approximately 120.000 tonnes.

It could therefore be said that Valli can manage a total annual quantity of 683.750 tonnes of wastes, in their owned facilities or with Geoter subsidiary company.

The Group

The Company has a technical engineering and environmental studio that deals with environmental/construction consultancies.

The HPA Group shall carry out its tasks in Lonato del Garda (BS), Via Lavagnone 11.

The group shall be composed of the following companies:

GEOTER (regeneration and soil remediation)

Geoter S.r.l. is a waste special, hazardous, non-hazardous treatment plant, built for the remediation of contaminated sites, at the same time ensure effective in terms of material should be treat and more efficient in terms of Best Available Techology (BAT); the target is to ensure and save natural resources, recovery of raw materials from waste.Geoter S.r.l. is located in Concamarise (VR) near  major transport routes and is made up of two treatment lines:

  • Soil Washing Line;
  • Thermal Desorption Line.

GEOTER MOBILE (regeneration and soil remediation by mobile facilities)

Geoter Mobile S.r.l. is a innovative and effective mobile line of Thermal Desorption realized by the experiences acquired at the Geoter S.r.l. plant.

The high process temperature reached by Thermal Desorption allows the stripping of organic pollutants' that are present in the  waste, creating an inert material  to comply with the law limits imposed. Geoter Mobile S.r.l. may carry out the remediation of contaminated soil without moving it to fixed treatment installation.

SIRIT SRL (industrial and crafts construction)

Sirit S.r.l. realizes new residential and industrial/crafts construction, manages building of complete constructions or parts thereof, until to the delivery of the complete structure. Sirit S.r.l. provides more types of services in agreement with designers and Job Director.

HV ENERGIA (production of ambient energy)

HV Hidroelectrica Valsabbia S.r.l.  is a corporation involved in  renewable energy production, In particular hydroelectric power, obtained in compliance with the principles of environmental sustainability and the protection of natural water resources. HV Hidroelectrica Valsabbia S.r.l. works on his own plants starting with the design and acquisition phase of the necessary permissions; therefore, it carries out the realization, activation and ordinary and extraordinary management.

HPA (Administrative services)

HPA S.r.l. is the parent company, which mainly deals with the provision of administrative services. The experience gained in the environmental and construction fields, through its affiliated companies, has recently pushed HPA S.r.l. to develop a real-estate initiative located in Padenghe sul Garda, completely immersed in the greenery and with total lake view. From this initiative was born HPA Lake Luxury Life, which offers valuable properties in an exclusive location.