Environmental Respect

All the operations maked by Valli S.p.A. are carried out in accordance with the operating methodologies in accordance with current legislation for the development of environmental characterization activities and the Ministerial and Legislative Decrees of the case.

Valli S.p.A. is always committed to conducting its activities in a manner compatible with the balance of the environmental needs of the communities in which it operates and to make continuous efforts to improve its own results in the field of environmental protection.

Valli S.p.A. encourages attention and respect for the environment and highlights the responsibilities of each employee in terms of environmental performance by ensuring that appropriate operational practices are implemented. The company’s able to operate throughout the national territory, thanks to the deployment of its facilities in strategic areas in the area; Valli S.p.A., combining security, speed, ethics and maximum protection of the environment, guarantees the proper execution of all the tasks entrusted to it.

The company’s always beware of promoting and supporting research to deepen the understanding and effects of own operations on the environment, improve its protection techniques, and further enhance its ability to make its operations and products compatible with the environment.


In order to carry out the work safely, thus reducing any risks, each Valli S.p.A. worker must abide by a specific behavioral code that is based on the application of the so-called Loss Prevention System (LPS).

This system is aimed at preventing or reducing accidents through the use of tools based on behavior and on consolidated management techniques.

Prevention or reduction of accidents is carried out in a work environment that:

  • It gives importance to proactive activities;
  • It treasures the workers' experience;
  • Emphasize the positive elements;
  • Integrates system tools with daily activities;
  • It provides directions from top to bottom, solving problems from the bottom up.

Behavioral code based on LPS application is shared by Valli S.p.A. with all its stakeholders in view of the continuous improvement of the services and products offered.

Environmental quality certifications

Valli S.p.A. operates in compliance with existing environmental legislation and it’s certified with the following certifications:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001
  • UNI EN ISO 14001
  • UNI EN 15358