The product is obtained by hydrolysis from sewage sludge and cellulosic materials, with following precipitation of calcium sulfate. Other raw materials used in production process are purchased from several suppliers. VALCOR’s features are listed below:

Fertilizing features

  • It determines an elevated contribution of organic substance and elements for the fertility;
  • It immediately determines an elevated contribution of usable Sulphur from the plants, fundamental for the microbial activity of the "useful" bacterial flora of the ground;
  • It determines a high calcium contribution, the most important of the so-called "secondary nutrients", which regulates both plants and soil.

Features on the physical soil’s properties

  • Improves the structure by facilitating the formation of organic-mineral particles and increasing the thickness of the superficial agrarian layer;
  • It makes porous and lighter the compacted soil;
  • Delays the formation of superficial fractures;
  • It increases the activity of soil beneficial bacteria and eliminates the symptoms of plant suffering caused by poor soil aeration;
  • Improves air circulation, promotes roots better activity and improves water penetration;
  • It is effective on soil reaction.

Features with regard to hydro geological aspects

  • By improving the structure of the soils, infiltration, retention and preservation of water is promoted.