Valli S.p.A. deals with the commercial waste management. Thanks to the experience gained and to the partnerships with the main recovery and disposal facilities throughout Italy, it’s possible to guarantee the producers the correct waste management.

The aim of logistics is to operate and carry out promptly, professionally, precisely and efficiently the demands and management services that require contractors, ensuring flexible procedures and interventions while facilitating customer and logistics communication.

The transport companies that Valli uses for logistics have been carefully chosen based on the characteristics of professionalism, timeliness and availability of vehicles as well as their reliability and experience in the industry. The company don’t underestimate the fact that all used carriers respect your behavioral and safety standards in an accurate and rigorous manner.

Through the experience, professionalism and expertise acquired, the logistics office is able to organize, with a road transport management system, shipments, transfers and shipments of goods throughout the country.

Valli has the permission to the National Environmental Manager for category 8 class B - Trade and Intermediation of Waste without theft of waste itself - valid both for hazardous and non-hazardous waste management.

The synergies established over the years with recovery and disposal facilities throughout Italy have enabled Valli to handle different types of waste, giving its customers the continuity of service and correct application of the existing waste legislation.

Today, intermediation activity occupies an important percentage in the corporate turnover, which has managed to consolidate and increase its presence on Italian territory over time.