For years VALLI S.p.A. has been operating successfully in the field of environmental reclamation, concentrating its activity on the disposal of fuel stations and demolition, dismantling and environmental rehabilitation of former industrial sites located throughout the country; the activity is carried out both through off-site remediation and site-based interventions.

VALLI S.p.A. has 6 mobile units equipped to check the degree of contamination of the waste. The instrumentation that each mobile unit has is:

  • Gas chromatograph equipped with FID detector;
  • Portable notebook with software for GC complete printer;
  • Hydrogen generator;
  • Analytical scale;
  • Ultrasonic bath;
  • Electrical Closed Tags for Flammability Point Determination;
  • Photometer and metal kits;
  • Hood extractor;
  • Various equipment for conducting the analysis (glassware, syringes, pipettes, reagents, etc…)

By completing and integrating the professional skills that characterize it, Valli is able to offer geognostic surveying campaigns to support the design of infrastructures, lithological land verification for the development of roadbeds and reconstruction of hydrogeological structures.

The know-how accumulated over the years has enabled any demolition work to be carried out in such a way as to guarantee, both at the operational and management level, the recovery / disposal of waste produced in line with current legislation and the safety of the area the subsequent upgrading.

Each job is carried out in synergy by a team of experienced professionals who supervise every stage of the work ensuring a high standard of protection in the field of Health Safety & Environment (HSE). The ability to intervene across the national territory, thanks to solid and streamlined relationships with companies operating in the sector, allows VALLI to be a safe point of reference.


Rubattino Industrial Area (MI)
Objective: total demolition of the Innocenti / Maserati industrial complex.
Vision: upgrading the area to residential use - polyculture.

IES refinery - Mantova
Objective: desludging, reclamation, cleaning and gas free of tanks; Demolition structures in iron and cement and asbestos removal in compact and friable matrix.
Vision: Reconversion of the industrial site.

Fuel sales points
Objective: Demolition and reclamation of inactive fuel outlets.
Vision: upgrading the residential - commercial area.